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PawZen™ Anti-Anxiety Bed
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How It Works
The unique PawZen design is proven to regulate the nervous system and decrease stress & fear hormones. Uniquely shaped it mimics the dog's mother body and womb to counteract fear of separation by activating neural pathways linked to events of safety and relaxation.

Our bed's technology encourages healthy blood flow in your pet's body. Improved circulation not only reduces anxiety but also helps alleviate aches and pains, ensuring your pet experiences optimum comfort and relaxation. 

How To Use

  • Select the right size for your pet
  • Set up PawZen as per the instructions
  • Your pet will be drawn to its new safe-zone as it mimics the dog mother's body
  • ​PawZen applies the psychological principle of positive reinforcement
  • ​Your pet will feel relaxed and safe and therefore automatically seek out PawZen during stressful times
PawZen™ Features
  • ​Cheapest, and most effective anti anxiety dog bed to date.
  • ​Quickly and effectively reduce and give relief from anxiety, panic and trauma.
  • ​The Dog bed mimics the dog mother's body, providing a feeling of safety
  • ​Regulate the nervous system naturally without any toxic medication
  • ​Can be used anywhere: on the sofa, floor, car etc
 Main Functions
  • ​Comfortable & soft neck bolster that mimics the mother's body
  • ​Durable Zipper that allows for easy washing in the washing machine
  • ​High Quality Cotton that feels super fluffy
  • ​Non-slip Bottom to stick to any surface 
  • ​Plush from the outside that mimics the dog's natural fur 
Rid Your Furry Friends From Anxiety With PawZen™ Today!
Not available on Amazon or Ebay
Size Guide
What our customers say:
Don’t think about it twice and get the bed! My doggies loved it. At first I was skeptical on purchasing the bed because I wasn’t sure about the size. I ordered a size medium to test it out and it’s very large, both of my dogs fit in one and I don't need a second. It’s soft and fluffy. I have to mediums French bulldogs, about 25 pounds each.
I bought one of these as a suggestion from my Vet. I adopted a Siamese cat and she is extremely nervous. My cat, who used to hide during thunderstorms, now feels safe and calm on this bed. It's made a huge difference in her comfort during stressful times
This anti-anxiety pet bed has truly exceeded my expectations. Our rescue dog, who was always on edge, has found solace on this bed. It's well-constructed and easy to maintain. Highly recommended
We've tried various products to soothe our nervous Siamese cat, but this pet bed is the only one that's worked consistently. It's soft, easy to clean, and our cat adores it. A fantastic purchase
Rid Your Furry Friends From Anxiety With PawZen™ Today!
Not available on Amazon or Ebay
Money Back Guarantee
We are pleased to offer a no questions asked return policy. If you're unhappy in any way with your purchase we will make it right. At your request we will process a refund or replace the product. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.
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